Merel by The Northern Block

Merel is a modern geometric typeface with humanist attributes. Geometry and logic are at the heart of this 6 weight font family. Humanist touches give it a number of distinctive characteristics, as well as aid legibility. Despite being rational and function driven in its nature, Merel has a soft and gentle touch. It was designed to tackle both print and onscreen challenges of the modern environment. Details include reduced x-height, mild stroke contrast and vertically sheared terminals with cushioned finish across the typeface. Merel features a number of alternative characters, manually edited kerning and Opentype features.

Download it here:

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Máscara by Fernando Vicente Vanitas 


Los collages de Joe Webb son una mezcla curiosa de publicidad vintage y surrealismo.


Paper Cut Artworks

Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker are a creative duo known as Hari & Deepti. They produce amazing paper cut light boxes using layers of watercolor paper placed inside a shadow box that is then lit from behind to bring these intricate dioramas to life.


Show us your city

A project that combines type with cities. Each month a city is chosen and designers participate creating beautiful type posters inspired by the city. 


Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 14/01/2013

Recap Notebook   |   |   Shop

The Recap Notebook is the easiest way to summarize your favourite activity. Each double spread allows you to document a full day of the activity, illustrated by a bespoke drawing. Basic information can be noted on the left hand page, while the right hand page provides space for notes and memorable stories. Each notebook has a refined and vintage aesthetic and the pocket format allows you to easily carry it around. The Recap Notebook is a great gift idea for your favourite people.

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Anna Lotova   |

"We have to change our behaviors, plan and think of work with a different mindset: no matter where an office is situated, it has to have a space it can call its own, identifiable, alterable, on a human scale, with its own history and objects, an enjoyable environment.OXYMORON desk is a result of interaction between two contradictory materials that enhance each other and gain a new meaning. Two layers of foam with an alcantara cloth are placed between plywood sheets to form a toolbox to store documents, objects and technical devices."

Anna Lotova graduated in 2012 at the Saint-Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russia). In her projects she is looking for light-hearten, hidden humor in every materials that she works with.

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A Flor De Piel by David Catá

A Flor De Piel” as an autobiographical diary of which his skin is the canvas. Catá embroiders portraits of people who have influenced or marked his life (family, friends, teachers, lovers, partners) by physically marking his palm with these images. This embroidered flesh corporally represents relationships we have with each other – love and union and the pain and loss felt through separation, as well as the residual imprint of the relationship.

Check out the process:
(can be a little bit disturbing)

Mi vida a flor de piel. David Catá from David Catá on Vimeo.

Performance “A flor de piel”. Papá. David Catá from David Catá on Vimeo.

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